Are you looking for a system that ingests streaming data and provides analysed results for immediate use? Have a large volume of inconsistent or sparse data and need some way to gain value from it? Would you like to improve of your dataset or product? Within our platform, you can use our example frameworks to get started. We’ve built our application interface to help you choose the workflow from criteria that you decide; then add suggestions from our experience that may provide useful options.

You have knowledge and data that supports confidence in your product. You are state of the art, for now. Mission critical: maintain that edge, grow your insight, build bridges to new markets. With a powerful platform of extensible and intuitive tools, develop insight into dynamic scenarios and find the interface to control intricate systems.

Behind everything we build, stands our platform. Process and control messaging provide verifiable interaction between components and insight into system state. APIs everywhere: throughout our platform we provide visibility into every operation, enabling development of your workflow. Our stateful process control interface is widely configurable, providing inspection, feedback, and automation opportunities that drastically reduce development effort.

Analysing data is one thing — taking action is quite another. We understand the dynamic nature of our world, where the results of acting in concert with changing conditions far outperform static behaviour based on outdated information. Integrate historic datasets, live data feeds, intelligent analysis, and machine-augmented decision-making via our automation capabilities. You’ll build active systems which produce the timely and precise results necessary for success now and in the future.